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Skin regeneration and pigmentation and skin tone improvement!
We place customers in the first place with precise consultation and treatment according to individual’s skin status.

Smooth and beautiful!
C & B

To create smooth skin texture, even skin tone and small pores! It is a non-ablative laser operation to correct skin tone which is damaged and aged.
With a single operation from 10 to 20 minutes, your skin will be rejuvenated and gentler. It is recommended to those who have dull skin tone or large pores or those who want to have bright and healthy skin in a short time with simple skin care.

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Edge One 2.0 Laser which is more delicate and more effective than existing Fraxel lasers!
It uses 5 kinds of beam patterns with high preciseness of High Peak Power. It rarely affects peripheral tissues and it can treat very small spot such as t less than 1mm diameter.

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Clear and Healthy!
Toning NdYAG

Clear skin! Pigment care removing freckles, sun spots and blemishes!
Laser toning dissolves pigments at real skin with multiple treatments at low energy. It does not make any scabs and reddish spots will be done within an hour.
It is recommended to have more than 10 times with one to two weeks interval. It has less intensity than conventional laser treatments but it penetrates into deep in the skin. Therefore, it can solve general pigment problems such as freckles, sun spots and age spots while minimizing skin damages. It is effective on improvement of fine lines by inducing collagen generation with its deep penetration.

Spectra Peel - Spectra Soft Pee

Young and healthy skin! Peeling and skin regeneration at the same time!
It removes alien substances and dead kin using state-of-the-art special laser as well as regenerate collagen at the same time. It is recommended to have 3 to 5 times treatments with 2 to 4 weeks interval according to your symptoms and the level of the problems. It is recommended to those who have aged and drooped skin because of ultraviolet and those who have fine lines.

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Vivid and firm!
Outline injection

Complete your V line!
It makes V line by melting facial fat and stimulating lymph circulation with a simple injection. You can see the effects from 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment. You can have better result when you have treatments more than 3 times with a week interval. You can have better effects if you have it with Botox and thread lifting if needed.

PRP platelet-rich rejuvenation therapy

Rejuvenation Effect!
It is the treatment to regenerate your skin using your own blood. We collect your blood and separate ingredients of the blood by centrifugation.
In such plasma of PRP platelet, various kinds of growth factors are concentrated. You may see a change in skin tone within 2 to 3 days although there can be some difference according to treatment part or individual characteristics. As they are ingredients abstracted from your own blood, you will not suffer from rejection or propagation infection.
You can enjoy better effects if you have it with various kinds of other laser treatments. It is very effective on aged skin regeneration, whitening, hair fall and acnes.


Make you skin firm and shiny!
It creates water film on the skin lacking elasticity by injecting hyaluronic acid with high water retention capability and helps moisture replenishment.
Effects usually last 2 to 3 months although there can be little difference according to personal differences. It is effective to moisturizing, firming, volume, lifting and skin tone improvement.

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