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Nose plastic surgery

To make a nose highlighting a natural beauty line from forehead to chin!
As the nose at the center of the face becomes a basic axis for the impression and beauty, it is a really important part. It is necessary to make an operation plan considering the ideal ratio to the face based on mutual relationships of parts. UVOM’s nose plastic surgery gives you natural beauty with smooth bridge, balanced nose tip and asolabial angle considering face shape and harmony of components such as eyes, nose and ears.

수술시간  120분 ~ 180분
마취방법  수면/전신마취
입원치료  불필요
실밥제거  9일째
내원치료  2 ~ 3회
Natural Nose

When you want to keep the operation unknown! If you want to have a natural looking nose, it is the operation you should consider.

Nature nose image
Edge Nose

It gives you a sharp silhouette and three-dimensional younger looking image with pointed nose line.

Edge nose image

It is done when the client is not satisfied with the result such as; When nose tip is too much upturned after operation, When the nose is too high or show the air of operation, When there is a boundary or nose look bent because of too much high bridge.

Again nose image
Again nose image
By Type
Hooked nose

It is a nose with a prominent bridge giving it the appearance of being curved or slightly bent. The operation will correct the strong look to a natural and gentle look by trimming protrusions made of cartilages and bones.

Wide nose

When the nose is big, nose tip is dull and low, nose tip is flat and skin and fat of nose is thick, the nose can give a dull and stuffy image. In this case, a sophisticated image can be made by reduce nose width and highlight nose tip.

Aquiline nose

When nose is relatively long considering the proportion to the face, you may look older and sharp. Your mouth may look protruded because of downward nose tip. We correct the drooped nose tip using autologous chondrocyte and complete it to have the right proportion. If needed, prosthesis can be used.

Men’s nose

Generally speaking, straight line goes better than curves. We operate to enforce masculine beauty according to length and angle of the face.

  • Nose Tip : Men usually want to correct dull nose, upturned nose and aquiline nose.
  • Bridge : We correct hooked nose to be smooth and wide nose bone to be slim.
  • When mouth is protruded, outline nose operation to improve nasolabial angle (90 to 95 degrees in case of men) is administered.
Short nose

Short nose means the nose is shorter than the ideal nose proportion to the face (1/3). In this case it is common that nostrils are exposed when it is seen from the front. Such short nose can give a stuffy and unsophisticated impression. It is an operation to find the ideal proportion of the nose length by extending nostrils and nose tips using cartilage. It needs an experienced professional with many clinical cases.

Before & After

코성형 주의사항

  • 수술 후 4주간 코를 풀지 마세요.
  • 수술 후 4주간 보형물이나 연골이 자리를 잡을 때까지 코 주위의 충격이나 압력이 작용하지 않도록 주의해 주세요.
  • 안경 착용은 4주간 (최소 2주) 코가 완전히 치유될 때 까지는 삼갑니다.
  • 수술의 정확한 결과는 6개월~1년이 지나야 알 수 있습니다.