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Forehead reduction

It completes a beautiful face line making face look smaller with an attractive and natural looking forehead line.
It reduces forehead length proportional to the length of the face. You can improve the balance of your face as it shortens not only forehead but also the whole face.
If you have 1cm~2cm reduction in length and 10cm~13cm reduction in width, theoretically you will have 2.000 to 5.000 hair transplantation effects.
It is recommended to those who have too wide imbalanced forehead.

An article was published on AASP 2013

UVOM Plastic Surgery’s Article regarding the forehead reduction to minimize tension of the scalp

research image

PRS KOREA 2015 Academic Conference

Presentation of UVOM Plastic Surgery’s forehead reduction surgery, which combines eyebrow location correction and forehead reduction

research image
Operation time  90 minutes
Anesthesia method  Conscious sedation
inpatient treatment  X
stitch out  after 9 days
outpatient treatment  2 ~ 3 times
2cm forehead reduction

It is a procedure to find beauty of three-dimensional, sophisticated image and convex curve. It has effect of hairline correction by about 3000 or more hair transplantation.

2cm image

Smaller face effects with hair line forehead reduction surgery

By accurately analyzing each person's face type and creating an appealing forehead line, you can achieve a beautiful face line and a small overall look.

Follicular preservation incision

As it cut scalp slant to keep follicles, hairs will grow up on the stitched skin.

monang image

To incise obliquely to minimize follicle damage

monang image

Since the hair follicles are not damaged, hair grows naturally at the incision site after the suture is wound is healed up.

We keep hair root and do not leave scars!

When hairline forehead reduction is performed, the incision is made obliquely to the hair follicle to preserve it. After the operation, the hair grows again and the scar becomes invisible.

Using Endotain

The core of hairline forehead reduction, UVOM has introduced a material keeping the minimum skin tension since 2006


Fixing pin approved

Scar minimization

To minimize tension of the skin to be stitched up after incision

Extended operation range

3~5mm additional reduction is available.

Strong fixing power

Before & After

Cautions after forehead reduction surgery

  • You can use shampoo from two days after the surgery.
  • Please refrain from dyeing and perms for about 3 months.
  • After forehead reduction, the scar marks may blush for up to 3 months, but they will fade away within 3 to 6 months with gradual improvement.

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