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"UVOM Plastic Surgery” considers the whole impression and harmony with other parts on the face unlike general eye plastic surgeries.
We will help you to have attractive eyes, charming impression and good looking face by maximizing effects of eye surgery and completing beautiful impression from a comprehensive perspective.

Large eyes
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Operation time  30 to 60 minutes, eye-look correction operation : 90 minutes, front slit : 30 minutes
Anesthesia method  Conscious sedation
inpatient treatment  X
stitch out  after 7 days
outpatient treatment  1~2 times
Double Eyelid (upper eyelid) operation

Double eyelid operation can be made through incision or investing. It should be selected considering skin or muscle status and recovery period to get the best result.
Generally, eyes with much fat have sagged skin and muscle, which need precise identification to find the most suitable operation method
It is said “Investing does not last as long as incision.” But it may be related with inappropriate method selection. Consultation is mandatory to find the best operation method.

Eye-look correction operation

Eye-look correction is usually done with double eyelid operation. It can be done through incision or non-incision method but more detailed correction is possible with incision method.
The best result can be achieved with the most appropriate method considering the difference of left and right eyes and the level of blepharoptosis.

Front slit

It is to enlarge eyes by removing skin covering a third of double eyelid and front tail of eyes. You can decide how long the slit will be at the consultation.
UVOM minimizes operation scars by cutting the part which can be covered.

Dual slits

Back slit and down slit are separate operations. But they are recommended to be done together to maximize effects. By adjusting length of slits, you can have eyes that you have dreamt.
UVOM realizes dual slits minimizing scar and mucous membrane exposure with maximum effects.

Four-direction slits

There are many people who think that they have too small eyes. For those who are not satisfied with their eyes, we perform eye correction, front slit and dual slits altogether so that their eyes can be enlarged to all directions. However, the effects of the operation can be varied because of three-dimensional structure of eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to have operation after enough consultation.

Kind looking eyes /eyebrows
Again nose image
Again nose image
Operation time  90 minutes
Anesthesia method  Conscious sedation
inpatient treatment  X
stitch out  after 7 days
outpatient treatment  2 ~ 3 times
Kind looking eyes /eyebrows

UVOM Plastic Surgery’s Kind looking eyes/Eyebrow Correction can be done without scars through endoscopes.
It cuts the muscles around the eyebrows and makes them have a soft impression. It increases the gap between the eyes and the eyebrows so your eyes will look bigger and you can give cool impression.
It is also effective for improving the wrinkles between eyebrows, wrinkles of the forehead, and drooping eyelids.
Because of the use of high-resolution endoscopy, it can preserve very thin nerves such as 1 mm thick. This procedure prevents recurrence by cutting and fixing the fascia and periosteum and dissecting the muscles pulling the eyebrows downward.

It is recommended for those who look strong because of the eyebrows, those with both eyebrows are too fat, those who want beautiful and good-looking eyes without double lid surgery, and those who want to correct drooped eyelids.

Young Eyes
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Operation time  lower blepharoplasty 90 minutes, upper(lower) eyebrow lift : 120 minutes
Anesthesia method  Conscious sedation
inpatient treatment  X
stitch out  after 7 days
outpatient treatment  1~2 times
Relocation of under-eye fat

It is to remove old and tired look by correcting sagged skin and muscles and removing fat protruded under the eyes. If you need fat correction only, relocation of fat under the eyes will be performed, while if you need skin and muscle correction as well as fat correction you will have lower eyelid plastic surgery including relocation of fat under the eyes. We will recommend you the best operation considering your age and sacking status of fat, skin and muscles.

Upper (Lower) Eyebrow Lift

When you have sagged skin and muscle because of age, you may have an upper eyelid plastic surgery. But if you have symmetric double eyelids or if you want to remove sagged skin and muscle without making double eyelids, you may have upper (lower) eyebrow lift. Although you may have some scars around eyebrows, you can be recovered very soon. Therefore, you can have upper (lower) eyebrow lift with investing type double eyelid operation.

Before & After

Cautions after eye plastic surgery

  • Avoid the habit of rubbing or touching your eyes, or the behaviors that may cause your eyes swelling.
  • About 2 months after the double eyelid surgery, scars on the incision site are tightened and become firm. It may look more chilly than the first, temporarily reddish or look uneven. This is a natural recovery process that occurs when the operation site is being recovered.
  • It is recommended to wear lens or make-up in about 2 ~ 3 weeks when wounds are mostly recovered after thread removal (eye impression correction, double lid surgery, eye opening surgery)
  • Because it takes from 6 months to a year to recover, accurate postoperative results or symmetry of two eyes are not known until approximately 6 months has passed after the surgery.

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