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Endoscope Clinic

UVOM’s endoscope Clinic’s proven technology backed by more than 2000 successful cases!

Precise diagnosis and detailed and precise operation!
It minimizes scar and promises quick recovery owing to small size incision using state-of-the-art endoscopes used by only 24 plastic surgeries in Korea. We can perform safe and delicate operations through full HD endoscope.

EZ Endoscope Cheekbone Reduction

It is performed through scalp incision without incision in the mouth using an endoscope.
EZ Cheekbone reduction can make a delicate adjustment of reduction level of cheekbones by rotating the broken cheekbones to inside considering the proportion of the face.
EZ Cheekbone reduction is recommended to those who have rough facial line because of protruded side cheekbones, those who have flat front cheekbones, those who have large face because of large and wide cheekbones.

수술시간  90분 ~ 120분
마취방법  수면/전신마취
입원치료  불필요
실밥제거  9일째
내원치료  2 ~ 3회
ez image
Kind looking eyes /eyebrows

UVOM’s Kind looking eye and eyebrow correction will be performed through endoscope not leaving any scars.
To improve appearance by cutting muscle around eyebrows. Larger and cool looking eyes because of the increased distance between eyes and eyebrows.
It will make you look younger by improving wrinkles between eyebrows and on the forehead and sagged eyelids.
As operation is performed through high resolution endoscope, you can retain nearly all nerves down to 1mm thick. It also prevents recurrence by tightening fascia and periosteum after incision.

Kind looking eyebrow correction is recommended to 1. Those who have too strong impression because of eyebrows and those who need asymmetric eyebrows 2. Those who want to have pretty and Kind looking eyes without double eyelid operation 3. Those who want to correct sagged eyelids

수술시간  90분
마취방법  수면마취
입원치료  불필요
마취방법  수면마취
내원치료  2 ~ 3회 2 ~ 3회
Again nose image
Again nose image
Endoscope Breast Plastic Surgery

Challenge to beautiful breast line! Achieved 100 successful cases of water drop shape breast plastic surgery in Korea!
It gives you beautiful breasts by inserting prosthesis in your breasts. It is recommended to those who have small and flaccid breasts or those who have complaints about the shape of breasts.

수술시간  2 ~ 3 시간
마취방법  전신마취
입원치료  불필요
실밥제거  7 ~ 14 일째
내원치료  3 ~ 4회
chest image
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